Panels have mismatching brightness Panels have mismatching brightness

Panels have mismatching brightness

When panels have mismatching brightness, the brightness levels may be out of sync between each panel's receiving card. This can be a common occurrence if panels have been used separately with a different processor. 

Readjust Brightness 

Depending on the cause, a simple adjustment of the screen brightness settings can revert all panels to have matching brightness. 

In the brightness settings, bring the brightness down to 0%, then increase back up to desired brightness. This can be done via the processor's onboard menu or the control software. Brightness settings are accessible from the main menu options.

Re-Send the Panel Config File

If readjusting the brightness does not resolve the issue, you will need to resend your panel configuration files. Resending the panel configuration files will "flash" the panel's calibration data, reverting back to its original brightness levels. 

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