LED screen is not showing a full image or zoomed in. LED screen is not showing a full image or zoomed in.

LED screen is not showing a full image or zoomed in.

If your LED screen is not showing the entirety of your input source or is essentially zoomed in cutting off the rest of the image, then this typically indicates that image scaling needs to be set. Scaling sets the size of your image according to the size and pixel density of your LED screen. 

Before setting the scaling of your LED screen, you will want to first make sure that the resolution settings in the controller are matching the resolution of your input source. For example, if your input source is 1920x1080, you will want to make sure that the controller's resolution is also set at 1920x1080. The easiest way to check this is via the processor's on-board interface under the input settings. 

How To Set Scaling on the LED Screen

The procedure for setting up scaling will depend on what kind of processor or controller you are using. 

  • For NovaStar MCTRL series controllers, these units do not have scaling. You will need to use a media software program or acquire a 3rd party external scaler to make your image fit.
  • For NovaStar VX & NovaPro Series All-In-One controllers, you can simply press the Scale button on the front of the processor to enable auto-fit scaling.  
  • For NovaStar KU, MX, and CX Series processors, you can set the scaling via the VMP Software or enable auto-fit via the onboard interface. NOTE: The controller must be set in All-In-One Controller Mode for either method. 
  • For NovaStar Taurus Players, this must be set in the ViPlex software under the Input Source Settings.