Understanding LED Status Indicators Understanding LED Status Indicators

Understanding LED Status Indicators

All DVS LED display panels integrate status indicators on each panel to provide the real-time status of power and data operation at each particular panel. For rental/touring panels, these indicators can be found on the back of the panel. For fixed install, front-service panels, these same indicators are also integrated into the receiving card itself inside the panel. 

Understanding these indicators' statuses can better help you to quickly identify potential faults within your LED Display and know what should be tested to remedy the issue. 

NOTE: The following applies to DVS LED panels with NovaStar receiving cards. Particularly A5S, A8S, A10S Pro AT32, and MRV Series receiving cards. Other control systems (Brompton, ColorLight, LINSN) or older receiving cards, may vary in behavior. 

RED INDICATOR (Power Status)

Steady ON = Power ON

OFF = No Power

TIP: When a panel does not have power, data signal will not pass to subsequent panels in the row as no power is present at the panel in question to transmit data. Power may be present at subsequent panels in the row if all cables are OK.



Slow Flash (1s On, 1s Off) = No Data Signal

Fast Triple Flash (1s On, 1s Off) = Data Signal Present, No Video Signal

Sync'd Pulse (0.5s On, 0.5s Off) = Data & Video Signal Normal


Should you experience any abnormalities from these statuses above, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.