Part of the screen is blacked out Part of the screen is blacked out

Part of the screen is blacked out

When part of the LED screen stops showing an image, known as a partial blackout, this typically indicates there is a disruption in either the power or data line. 

LED screens are typically connected in series for both power and data. When a disruption occurs, other panels down the line will stop displaying an image because they have also been disrupted as well. If only part of the panel itself is blacked out, then this would require a different troubleshooting process. 

Most partial blackout occurrences can typically be narrowed down to the last working panel and the first non-working panel. However, it's important to understand the sizing, panel layout as well as power and data cabling topology of your LED screen to know where to look. This will help you to better identify where the problem is starting, such as if the problem is starting within the cabling between the panels or the incoming cabling.  

Once you have identified the area where the problem is, you'll want to check the power and the data. It's extremely helpful to know the LED status indicators on the back or inside of the panel to know exactly what is going on as soon as you start looking.

Power Troubleshooting

When the area is pinpointed, check that the status indicators either behind or inside the panel are illuminated. If the indicators are not illuminated on one or more panels, then it's safe to safe there is a power fault.

One thing to know about troubleshooting power is that when one panel's power is disrupted, it also disrupts the data signal as well. Even if subsequent panels have power, they will not display an image because they cannot receive signal. 

If you have confirmed there is a power disruption: 

  • If only one panel is not powered, check and/or replace the power supply of the first non-working panel.
  • If multiple panels are not powered, check your power cabling or the circuit breaker of which the affected panels are connected. 

Data Troubleshooting

If power is determined to be present on all panels, then more than likely there is signal disruption.

You will first want to check your cabling from the processor to the LED screen. If there is a main signal line disruption, all panels connected to this signal line will stop working.

If you have confirmed there is a signal disruption, check the following: 

  1. Check or replace data cables between panels
  2. Check or replace the HUB board or Connector Sockets
  3. Check or replace the Receiving Card

TIP: Most processors can support loopback data-line redundancy to prevent screen blackouts if a data connection fails (point 1). 


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