How do I arrange an RMA for repairs? How do I arrange an RMA for repairs?

How do I arrange an RMA for repairs?

To request an RMA for service or repair, please Submit a Ticket here in our Help Center to initiate your request. You can provide all the necessary information for the RMA in the ticket form in advance to expedite your request: 

The following information is needed:

  1. Your contact information.
  2. If you have purchased directly from DVS, your invoice or sales order number.
    • If you have purchased from an authorized dealer, please notate the point of purchase in the Sales Order # section and include proof of purchase in the attachments. 
  3. The component or part to be returned. 
  4. The exact number of affected units to be returned. 
  5. For LED modules, the batch number. This can be found on the back of the module.
  6. A brief description of the problem.
  7. Return shipping address.

A technical support expert will review your request and provide an RMA authorization. 

Packing your components for return

Once your RMA is authorized, carefully pack the components to be returned ensuring ample protection during shipping transit. Avoid using packing peanuts and do not use packing foam that generates static. 

NOTE: You are fully responsible for ensuring proper packaging of the components to prevent damage from shipping. Failure to do so can result in PCB damage which may permanently damage the component. If the returned component arrives damaged as a result of poor and/or negligent packaging, your warranty claim may be denied or additional charges may incur before service begins. 

Only return the components that are authorized in the RMA, do not return any other components or accessories unless instructed to do so. 

Sending your components for repair

Upon receiving an RMA number and packing your components. Ship your components to the specified repair center address as noted in your RMA using your preferred shipping carrier of choice. All components should be shipped with insurance. We'll cover return shipping costs for completed repairs or replacements under warranty.

Once we receive your RMA we will inspect the goods. For valid warranty claims, we'll begin service right away or advise you if further attention is required. For non-warranty matters, we will provide you with an estimate for the repairs before any work is completed. 

From there, you can track the status of your RMA in your Help Center Account