Remote Setup & Training Appointments Remote Setup & Training Appointments

Remote Setup & Training Appointments

We're more than happy to help you one-on-one with getting your system up and running. DVS offers complimentary remote setup and training appointments for each system purchase. An LED expert will walk you through any setup questions, assist with installing the necessary LED control software on the computer, and do a step-by-step walkthrough of general configuration and operation. 

Remote Setup and Training Sessions must be made by appointment at least 24 hours in advance. After-hours and weekend appointments are available with 48 hours advance notice.

This ensures we can advise you of any prerequisites to have in place before getting started and an expert is readily available at the time you begin setup/installation. 

Appointments can be scheduled as soon as your equipment has been delivered in its entirety. To schedule a Remote Setup & Training Session, please Submit a Request or notify your sales representative. 

Preparing for the appointment:

  • All equipment must be delivered and present. 
  • The equipment must be set up/installed, powered on, and connected. 
  • If you have a specific build or show schedule, please let us know in advance. 
  • If you cannot set up the entirety of your equipment for the session, please let us know in advance. 
  • A computer with an active internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to support remote desktop software is required. 
  • An active video input source is required. 
  • If possible, all team members operating the LED screen should be present. 

Please note Remote Setup & Training is limited to first-time standard configuration and setup of the LED screen.  Configuration of 3rd party devices and/or software not supplied by DVS is not supported. 

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