Part of the LED panel has stuck colors or blacked out. Part of the LED panel has stuck colors or blacked out.

Part of the LED panel has stuck colors or blacked out.

When a single LED panel is behaving abnormally, small sections of the LED screen may display incorrect colors or blackout both intermittently or constantly. 

Before proceeding to the steps below, it is first important to determine if the issue is a partial panel fault or a full panel fault. A partial panel fault will be contained to a single panel and typically have smaller faulted sections without affecting other panels on the screen.

This article applies to partial panel faults. Full panel faults may cause a partial screen blackout. If you are experiencing a partial screen blackout, where one or more full panels are blacked out consecutively, please follow the Partial Screen Blackout Troubleshooting Guide

Typical Symptoms:

  • Part of the panel or small squares are displaying incorrect colors intermittently.
  • Part of the panel or small squares are displaying incorrect colors constantly.
  • Part of the panel is blacked out or not displaying an image (static).

Possible Causes:

  • Improperly Seated Connection
  • Faulty LED Module 
  • Faulty HUB Board

Improperly Seated Connections

First, check to see if the area where the issue is occurring is fully seated and connected to its designated connection socket. Check LED modules ensuring they're flush and cable connections are fit snugly into their connection socket. Apply light pressure to see if the panel behavior returns to normal.

  • If panel behavior returns to normal without any further adjustment, no further action is needed. 
  • If panel behavior is changing or only returns to normal with pressure but reverts back, replace the component or cable.
  • If no change is occurring, proceed to the next steps. 

Faulty LED Module

Replace the LED module where the blackout is occurring, use either the included spares provided with your order or move a confirmed-working LED module from another part of the panel. See if the replaced module resolved the issue or if it persists in the same affected area. 

NOTE: LED modules are direction-specific such as Left/Right or must be facing the right side up in order to turn on. For accuracy, be sure that any replacements are on the same side or the marked arrow is facing UP when replacing. If the wrong side is inserted or the module is inserted upside down, the module will not turn on.

  • If the replaced LED module turns on without further issue, utilize the replacement module. You can request a repair of the defective unit via our Service Department.
    • Do NOT dispose of the module as it is specific to the production batch of your LED screen.
  • If the replaced module does not return the panel back to normal behavior, proceed to the next steps. 

Faulty HUB Board

Replace the associated HUB board where the blackout is occurring. If the panel has more than one HUB board, start with the first HUB board that is directly connected to the affected area and replace other HUB boards if the issue persists after replacement of the previous HUB board. 

NOTE: This step will not apply to legacy models that use ribbon cable connections and are not equipped with HUB boards. In this case, check the receiving card or the input/output ribbon cable connections of each module going back to the receiving card.


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