Request a Panel Configuration File Request a Panel Configuration File

Request a Panel Configuration File

The panel configuration file contains all relevant parameter data specific to your LED panels. It contains data like your pixel count, refresh rate, and other data related to the image/color effect of the panels in order to correctly display an image on the LED panels. 

NOTE: The panel configuration file only contains data for the panels themselves. It does not contain data to configure the entire screen, which would be a Screen Configuration File (.scr). 

Panel configuration files can vary by panel model, specification, and processing platform. By default, DVS panels will come pre-loaded with the config file already during the QC process, a USB thumb drive is also included with the parts kit of each order which contains the relevant config file. 

If you are having trouble locating your config file, you can Submit a Ticket to request one and include the following information:

  • Panel Model
  • Point of Purchase 
  • Processor Model 

A technical support representative will supply the file to you as soon as possible. 


Panel Config Files by Control System:

  • NovaStar: .rcfg / .rcfgx file 
  • NovaStar (advanced, COEX only): .ncp file
  • Brompton: .tfd file
  • ColorLight: .rcvbp file 

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